OMG: Dating Q&A: Senior boy dating a freshman girl? thoughts?

Question by Laurel: Senior boy dating a freshman girl? thoughts?
I’m a freshman girl, soon to be 15. Lately, i have had multiple senior boys and upper classmen wanting my number, a date with me. My question is, are they all out to sleep with me? They all know im 3 years or so younger but dont seem to care, which baffles me! Do you have experience in this? I am interested in a senior who has been texting me for a few weeks now. We talked on the phone for a few hours and he seems genuine. Is this just an act? Should i take him up on his offer to take me out? What do you think? Are they all out only to get in my pants? HELP!

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Answer by Ephira97
I would steer clear honestly, if you are having doubts and fears that’s your instinct screaming at you that it isn’t right. I admit some CAN be genuine but that’s 1 out of 100,000. I would stay with freshman and sophmores.

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