OMG: Q&A: why do a lot of black women have a problem with a black man dating a white woman?

Black Agouti
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This Black Agouti, Dasyprocta fuliginosa, was photographed in Peru, as part of a research project utilizing motion-activated camera-traps.

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Question by jennear101: why do a lot of black women have a problem with a black man dating a white woman?
im black and very open minded. but if its that man’s decision it is their decision. i believe love should be colorblind

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Answer by yecalrae
I disagree. I don’t believe there are a lot of Black women who have a problem with Black men dating White women. Like I told the White person earlier …it is almost 2009. This…

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13 Responses to OMG: Q&A: why do a lot of black women have a problem with a black man dating a white woman?

  1. ghettofabchick12 says:

    im black and have no problem with it…but my parents, aunts and uncles have a problem with it. i dont know why….

  2. juliejuliejulie says:

    I don’t think they do. I think there some very vocal black women under 30 making a big deal out of this, but from what I see where I live most black women are trying to manage their own lives without worrying about what white women are dating.

  3. Faith says:

    The ones that do, they just aren’t use to seeing the men that they connect the most in life(black men) dating people they feel are culturally different.

  4. Bopper says:

    Because of society, beliefs and in many cases just pure Jealousy. Ignorance is bliss, I think not for the insecure person no matter the color.

    Compare white women hating Asians or white men hating African American.

    The way I kind of see it. Some people drive a Nissan and some prefer a Chevy, ect ect…

  5. Serenity's Mistake says:

    Its the same for any silly woman or person of any colour. It isn’t just black women, its just any silly person. Most people don’t give a care as to who dates who.

  6. ?? says:

    It’s more that many a black man have a problem with a black woman dating a white man. I can tell you that first hand, I’m white Australian and my girl is black Nigerian, and quite a number of Nigerian men don’t exactly favour our relationship, with some exceptions of course (varies from tribe to tribe and from person to person). Many of those same men dream to have a white or Asian girlfriend…. (hmmm…)
    I don’t notice the phenomenon you described with African girls, maybe a few, but honestly, I don’t know how it is with Americans.
    On my side I notice that many a white girl, those of “eligible” age, also have some problem with me dating a black woman (but those a bit older sympathise with us). We receive much more disapproval than couples where the man is black and the woman white. More than from blacks and whites we receive disrespectful behaviour from Asians who just can get it how can a white man date and marry a black woman.

    I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence, that love should be colour-blind. The environment isn’t exactly friendly for interracial couples, but we don’t need anyone’s permission. I love her, she loves me, and that’s all that matters.

  7. becca bear says:

    I can’t say anything really because I like white men, but people may get annoyed because a lot of black men seem to do it in defiance of black women. If it’s for love, that’s great. It’s just what I hear from some black guys I know is that they think black women are all this way or that way ( with the exception of me of course)and that bothers me. But there are also a lot of black women who feel like black men are abandoning us with all these children and run off with white women as a status symbol. There are also a lot of black women who are kind of hesitant to date white men…

  8. Terry says:

    I wish I knew the answer to that too. I’m a black man who used to be married to a white woman and people(mostly black women) gave us a lot of hell about it. My mother is white and my father is black. Strangers in the street gave them dirty looks, but their families accepted each other. Thank God.

  9. omosola o says:

    I dont care and I’m a black woman. If black man wants to date interracially let it be because when I do it I expect them not to complain, because I mind my own bizness… there are other men in the world and not just black men.

  10. liolnel says:

    maybe they are jealous.

  11. Lonnie Lady says:

    lol we do?

  12. Marta M says:

    As far as I know…
    White man likes white and asian women.White woman-whites and blacks.Black man-all(some think black woman are hard to handle,tho).Black woman-black and white.Asian woman-black man and white man.Asian man-asian and white……but this is all a generalization …It’s not a rule…

  13. ¥?Tha Baddest?¥ says:

    I am a Black/Native American Female. I could care less whom dates who, as long as they don’t mess with my man ;)

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